Seven of the thirteen Sailor Disney Princesses

Sailor Princess Kida - With her power crystal, pure engery runs through her viens zapping anything in her path.

Sailor Princess Nancy - She has the ability to travel through different dimensions and use technology like cell phones and powerpoint and hand guns!

* Nancy is from the 2007 film Enchanted. She is a woman who is pulled from the real world into the cartoon world of Andalasia where she falls in love with Prince Edward and gets married. Link

Sailor Princess Pocahontas - Has the power of the wind and sweep enemies right off their feet! Hurricane winds make her a kick ass scout.

Sailor Princess Rapunzel - Rapunzel has possessed hair that snakes out a grabs you like octopus tentacles!

Sailor Princess Snow White - (I consider her the leader of the group) Can talk to animals! Has the ability to make her animal friends her little minions.

Sailor Princess Tiana - Calls forth her Voodoo power to vanquish evil, and turn into a frog! Also has a pet Gator with powerful jaws!

Sailor Princess Tiger Lilly - Calls forth spirits and shadows with her ceremonial dances to fight!

You can find all the Sailor Disney Princesses on my deviantart

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